Michael Gordon Art


Michael Gordon Studio
1180 Welch Street
North Vancouver, Canada
t. 604.986.9680



“When I capture the light in my painting, I capture the feeling in nature.” – Luminous light and a warm, wide-ranging palette reflecting that special moment in nature is the inspiration for Michael Gordon’s paintings. His fine, detailed brushwork and rich use of colour creates a connection with nature's spirit.

Michael grew up in Montreal and graduated Art College at the Montreal Museum School of Art and Design. He has an extensive background in graphic design, illustration and photography, and received early recognition as an artist working in watercolours.

Moving to Vancouver in 1991 inspired a new path for his art and life. As he explored the West Coast forests and waterways he discovered the medium of oil best reflected his experience in nature.

Michael now lives in North Vancouver where he works as a full-time artist and paints from his studio.